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on PC, D::Light use Drivers for USB DMX Pro widget
some PC runs as virtualSystem
inorder to discuss, a Discord channel is available DLonDiscord
 FlyDLight2024 v2
main window

multi platform

ready for devices - time link - master link - unlimited cues
midi able - osc able - sample - chase - color scroller
drag n drop - midi time code - etc...
Easy and reliable, D::Light is a mobile flexible solution to the control needs of modern performance technology.
The graphical user interface has features familiar to the traditional lighting desk user - the main window contains a cue list window, an interactive channel zone, submasters and a keypad - giving intuitive access to D:Light's powerful features. D:Light users can also avail of a standard command-line syntax.
Thanks to the graphical interface, programming a show is simple and fast. You can patch up to 512 circuits over 16 different DMX universes.
The cue list can manage an infinite number of steps and can contain loops if required. You can also define a specific time to automatically trigger the start or stop of the cue sequence for standalone operations.
D::Light can manage an unlimited number of cues.
5000 submasters can be loaded with cues, groups of circuits or specialeffects (chases / samples). Each submaster can have its own up/down times, and belinked to any cue in the cue list.
A dedicated patch window lets you freely patch circuits and channels with ease, using drag and drop or keyboard shortcuts.
You can choose alternative dimmer curves with inbuilt ones, or by creating your own.
The software can be controlled using the mouse or keyboard shortcuts, all of which are customisable.
The software is MIDI and OSC friendly. You can utilise your own controller and customise the MIDI mappings in D::Light.
ASCII Import/Export lets you use a show created in D::Light with other lighting hardware or software.
You can generate print ready PDF files of your cue sequence (with time in /time out values and cues content) and of the current patch assignation.
Flexibility and mobility
With D::Light, you don't have to rebuild your show file in each new venue as you tour.
Both the software and the show file can be saved and used on a memory stick.
As your lighting controller, D::Light lets you programme your show in your way.
D::Light lets you set up your lighting control position quickly and easily anywhere you need - on stage, on set, amongst the audience or FOH.