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TOPIC: Belgique (moving lights)

Belgique (moving lights) 8 months 1 week ago #18176

  • birt
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i have been using dlight for years now and it works very well for me.

but now i'm looking for someone who can show me how to use moving lights with dlight. so someone who has acces to one or a few devices and wants to help me out. either in Belgium or not super far away from Belgium.
in English or French is fine.

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Belgique (moving lights) 8 months 1 week ago #18177

  • sl1200mk2
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Hi Birt,
there's one users from Belgium called LeoClarys, who's touring (a lot...) with DL and moving heads. If he doesn't answer to this thread, maybe you can send him a private message.

that being said, moving heads usage with DL is very very simple....
a good resource is the wiki : www.getdlight.com/wiki/index.php/DEVICES

here are essentials step:
-you need the personality of Device you will use (so you must know what kind of device you'll find in venues of your tour).
you can look in the download/device personality section of getdlight.com to find the right one. If it's not present you can look at open-fixture-library.org/ and if you still didn't found the right one, you must write the personality file for devices being used.
For that purpose you'll use the 'Personality Editor' form the Device menu of DL.
Explanations on the wiki are well done, try it, it's not very complicated and if you have questions I'll answer you.

-Once you have the personality file for your device, you'll want to import it in you sho.
In the 'Device Listing' window, click on the import icon, select your personality file and click OK.
One device will be listed and you must give him a referent number (in the Channel column).
The referent number will be the number you'll use to select your device (as you do with traditional lights).
If you have several devices you can use the 'Clone' function _ very easy...
When you tour, you'll want to 'Merge' personalities. For example if you create everything (Palette, DeviceLink, etc...) with ClayPaky QWO and in the next venue they don't have them but have Martin Mac Viper, in the DeviceListing you'll select all the QWO listed, click 'Merge', select the MacViper personality file and click OK. that's it... :) DL will do all the job.

-once you have register all your Device and set their channel number (let's say 1 thru 10), you'll have to patch them. You do this in the Patch window ans specifically in the D-Patch column.
if the venue guy tell you first DMX address of the first device is 100, first DMX address of the second device is 137, first DMX address of the third device is 174, etc....
you'll want to write 100 in the D_Patch column of the channel 1, 137 in the D-Patch column of channel 2, 174 in the D-Patch column of channel 3, etc... drag'd drop is also available.

at this point you can start working with your devices :)
here's some stuff you must know:
-for device with a physical lamp, you must switch the lamp ON (and don't forget to switch it OFF when you leave otherwise the venue guy won't be happy...)
-for LED based device, you must provide a color in order to see the light.
-each command for devices are attached to steps, never to the cues
-device don't do anything unless you say so and that's the purpose of DeviceLinks (the D∞ column). In your sequence when you'll hit 'R' key (Record) or 'U' key (Update) D::Light will register some DeviceLinks if devices state is changed from his last state (sorry for the poor english...). And the last thing to know about DeviceLink is they will be registered only if the Intensity of the device is > 0. (you can use ForceD∞ button if you want to register some D∞ at a special step of your sequence).
-in the main window the red level IS the Intensity of your device.
-ALWAYS ALWAYS use Palette to register state of your device!
a little explanation:
when you want your device to be red, you'll use the 'DeviceCommand' window, select you device (1 CH 10 THRU), click on the RED column (it will select all RED parameters cell of every listed devices) and type 100 =
all your devices will be red. if you register D∞ with this device state they will be registered with pure value. so far so good but if you register 100+ D∞ with same pure values and at some points your director ask you for the red to be little more orange you'll need to change 100+ D∞ (you're screwed :) )
so the good way is to record a red Palette and register all your D∞ with the red palette and not pure values.
Recording a palette is easy, when you've set all your devices to Red you click on the button 'Record' of the DeviceCommand window and follow the steps. Once your palette is recorded and applied to devices, in the main window you hit 'R' (Record) to create a cue and associated D∞ (remember that your devices must have intensity levels > 0).
One last thing regarding Palette, I suggest you to record two kind of palettes, palette of colours and global palettes. This can be selected thanks to filters in the Record palette panel.

there's many many more stuff, but that's a start :)
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Belgique (moving lights) 8 months 6 days ago #18179

  • birt
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it's very good info but i will still try to find someone who has one or two fixtures available. recently i had 2 chinese crap devices and with the wiki alone i couldn't get it right. i'm sure it has to do with my lack of experience with moving lights though.

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Belgique (moving lights) 8 months 6 days ago #18180

  • leoclarys
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Hi Birt! You can indeed contact me. I send you my phone number in mp
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