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LS-Node 2 ( a été créé par sl1200mk2

today I've received this widget from and I must say I'm very impressed :)

First, it works very well with D::Light using artNet or sACN protocol.
Then comes the design of the ls-node, the hardware seems robust and beautify with their logo on the top (which looks modern !!).
The power supply is included in the package and the connector is usb-C type (another good point). On the front, 5V,2A is printed (the power consumption). I find that print is very welcome in order to know which power requirement is requested.
Still on the front, 2 ethernet connector for their merger mode (from the manual):
- Merger mode: where the LS-Nodes can receive different universes (via ArtNet/sACN or DMX) and merge them in the same output, being able to select HTP/LTP merge modes.

And it's the first node I know with this ability.

on the rear, 4 DMX port that can be used as Input and Output... nice!!

the configuration of the node is made thanks to a webBrowser, that means no additional software required... excellent!!

so it looks like a damn good node.

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