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Kosovo almost full D::Light!

10 months 6 days ago #24482 by Spoonspoiler
Dear everyone,

(I hope this is the right place for this topic)

I am very proud to tell and to share it with you all:

After almost two years doing lightning and else in the theaters of Republic of Kosovo . I finally convince almost all theater director and light technician of Kosovo to use D::Light with an Enttec device. It will represent from April 2023, "7 theaters using this kit out of 11".
It's such a great improvement as most of them are using a "24/48 eurolite or equivalent" without any sequencer or more than 24 sub-master on 4 pages, if you see what kind of desk I mean. they can be pretty painful because their main problem is the impossibility to save a show and the difficulty to modify quickly a scene/subM while programing.

And so...

D::Light is such an help in my condition and for country like the Republic of Kosovo. By it's intuitive interface, easy programing, very light, cheap as accessible for all and certainly the best to learn and accurate skills in more advanced project. D::light has solved one of the main problem.
I am really grateful to the community of D::Light. To improve, helps, develop, fix, test, fix & re-test and so much more: "Thank you all to make it so accessible and alive!"

PS: As well a quick advise. If in case you pass by here for one of your production: Situation of Kosovo theaters is awful in terms of equipment and security. So if one day you pass by here, in Kosovo. Don't hesitate to contact me for details (Mp here and then email), very few technician knows English or French and I would be glad to help with what I can.

All the best!



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10 months 6 days ago #24483 by sl1200mk2
Hi Yann,
thank you for your words, I appreciate :)
I'm very glad that D::Light can help you guys/gals to make theater in your country and I hope it'll continue, you'll continue !!!


ps: and thank you for your help proposal !!

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