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Export Dlight to LT Hydra II

8 months 1 day ago #24805 by mjodar
Hi Nico,

I have a show programed on DLight that I need to export to an LT console.

Apart from the obvious problems that I will need to check and correct manually (time Outs not loading, wait times not loading.... not a big deal. Will do manually)

On that show I have 4 devices programmed (4 LED bar strips) on D-Patch 41,42,43,44. When I export the ASCII file, on the sequence, it only appears the Device channel (CH 41 @50, for example, which only affects the dimmer channel). Is there a way on DLight i can convert the Devices to normal Channels?
So i can see the values for every channel of the device on every Cue.

For example, if i have programmed a CYAN at 50% dimmer, convert it back to:
D  R   G   B   W
50 0 100 100 0

(does it makes sense what I'm saying?)

Is there a way to convert all the Chases made on DLight, so the LT can load them? I have like 20 diferent Chases, if I can avoid to re-program all of them manually.

Thanks a lot!!

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8 months 22 hours ago #24808 by sl1200mk2
there's no way to export Device's stuff to ascii...
Ascii is an unfinished (and some manufacturer have decided to unfinish it) standard... 



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